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About Us


CRISP WATERMELON DRINK, LLC, develops, distributes and sells beverages made from fruit without any additional sweeteners or other ingredients. The beverages are a healthy alternative to numerous products that contain sweeteners and artificial ingredients. CRISP WATERMELON DRINK, LLC markets the beverages under the brand name Cu’i® (pronounced “swee”) and can NOW be found on AMAZON.COM 


CRISP WATERMELON DRINK, LLC,  uses fresh fruit and contracts with an American manufacturer in the United States to produce the beverage products to meet its high quality specifications and a bottling company in the United States to package the products for sale. Nonetheless,
CRISP WATERMELON DRINK, LLC, is planning to operate its own bottling plant to lower costs of its products, increase quality control and enhance inventory management.

Watermelon Facts...


Watermelon is concentrated with B-vitamins. B-vitamins are responsible for allot of your body's energy.



Cu'i is a safe and healthy alternative  to taking every energy drinks prior to exercise.



Watermelon is a natural source of nature's most powerful antioxidant.

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